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Senior Lead, Innovative Finance


Anastasia is a Senior Innovation Lead at SecondMuse Capital, based in Montréal, Canada. In her role, she works across Future Economy Labs as well as other SecondMuse Capital mandates to construct innovative capital instruments. To date, Anastasia has been involved in Alternative Property Ownership FEL, in partnership with Silver Lining, that aims to create a new financial mechanism that would enable small business owners to acquire their properties in a way that empowers them and their communities.


Anastasia is equally co-designing a series of potential capital mechanisms, in partnership with Grantmakers for Girls of Color, to ignite the vision for abundant future for girls and gender expansive youth of color. In addition, Anastasia has been involved in understanding gaps and the potential catalytic role of capital within the context of FEL for collective ownership as well as the future of education.


Anastasia brings to her role 13 years of traditional banking experience, with a specific focus on real estate financing across all asset classes. Throughout this part of her career, she witnessed both the positive and the detrimental effects that private capital and individual sector players could bring to our cities, natural assets, and communities. Anastasia then spent the following 7 years of her professional career in several roles, including an opportunity to help launch Canadas first Schedule A impact bank.


Most recently, Anastasia was a Global Co-Lead of Capital and Investments at Dark Matter Labs, where she focused on systematic gaps within financial markets and designed innovative third-horizon
solutions, with a specific concentration on real estate, natural assets, and soil.


Anastasia is passionate about life. Together with her children and her husband, she enjoys Olympic weightlifting, believes in the value of facing fear every day, and surpassing her limits, no matter how small of increments. Anastasia comes from a family of scientists and artists and she enjoys watching her mind understand complex patterns and then shift them to new possibilities in beautiful and unchartered ways.

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