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Managing Director of SecondMuse Capital, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer at SecondMuse

About CHAD

Chad oversees SecondMuse Capital's approach to the design and structuring of new financial mechanisms aimed at financing economies that benefit people and protect the planet. As SecondMuse’s CFO, he also manages finance, legal, and technology for SecondMuse and its subsidiaries.


Prior to starting SecondMuse, Chad earned an MBA and started several tech businesses and a family foundation. During his time as a tech entrepreneur, he created IBM's first online university, built Thomson’s West Legal Ed Center, and won numerous awards for the innovative application of technology in business. For five years, Chad was also part of a core team assisting the startup and management of an online university in Iran, serving 4,000 students who were systematically deprived of education because of their religious beliefs. 


The byproduct of six generations of community bankers and Iranian immigrants to the U.S., Chad was raised with a global orientation towards economics and financial systems. As a Baha’i, Chad is driven by a belief that the welfare of any segment of humanity is inextricably connected to the welfare of the whole. This belief, along with a strong commitment to collaboration as an organizing principle towards equity and resilience, inspired Chad to focus his studies on global challenges, investigating opportunities for social and economic development based on expressions of care, integrity, trustworthiness, and mutual assistance, in addition to traditional quantitative financial metrics.

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