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Managing Director of SecondMuse Capital, Co-CEO at SecondMuse

About TODD

Todd oversees the management of SecondMuse Capital at large. He co-founded SecondMuse in 2018 after a decade of studying, designing, and building impact economies at SecondMuse and encountering the limitations of traditional capital instruments, which prioritize monetary returns at the expense of people and the planet. Through his work at SecondMuse, where he accelerated over 300 impact businesses, raised over $500M and generated over $13B in market value, he saw the opportunity to design financial instruments that prioritize both impact and return.


Prior to launching SecondMuse, Todd developed a range of industry-spanning businesses, from a cashew farming cooperative in Honduras to an equity firm focused on community investing. His work for the last 20 years has been focused on the development of economies that create social and environmental justice and is informed by his studies of systems theory, especially as it relates to economic development. After earning a medical degree, Todd did postdoctoral work in economic modeling using complexity theory. His mentor, Stuart Kauffman, at the time led the Santa Fe Institute, the world’s premier complexity science think tank.


Todd serves on the Board of Directors of TechSoup Global, a leader in capacity building for civil society worldwide, and Circulate Initiative, whose mission is to end ocean plastic waste.

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